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Book Cover Examples

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Artwork Examples


Digital illustration/portraits

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Graphite and Watercolor portraits

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Oil painting/illustration


Diana L. Sharples holds a degree in communication design from the Atlanta College of Art (now Savannah School of Art and Design). She focused her studies on illustration with the goal of producing book covers. She has won numerous awards for her art at area Science Fiction conventions, and her work has appeared in magazines and gaming manuals. She also produced props and backdrops for ballet productions in Georgia. Diana is able to produce a wide array of art styles, from fine art portraits to Manga. She uses Photoshop to produce books covers for herself and other authors, bringing her illustrative skills to enhance stock photos or create images from scratch. While her main focus since the publication of her debut novel has been on writing fiction, she is quite happy to take a break to do book covers for other authors.

Contact Diana for pricing on your specific project. Each job is evaluated and priced according to the amount of work required for the project. In addition to book covers, she can do other graphic arts projects, such as brochures, one sheets, business cards, logo design, and other marketing materials. And, of course, she's happy to talk with you about your fine art projects. She is proficient in graphite and colored pencil, pen and ink drawings, scratchboard, watercolor, and oil paint (including portraits). 

The following pricing is presented as a starting point for discussion. Each job will be evaluated in detail before the commission is accepted. Diana works ON CONTRACT, so as to protect the interests of both parties. She will not accept a commission without a signed contract.

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