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Diana Sharples is a "hybrid" author, having been published both by traditional publishers and independently. She has six novels currently available, with more coming! Be sure to sign up to receive her newsletter to learn about her upcoming titles.

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Running Lean

Equilibrium. That’s what Stacey and Calvin found in each other.


He is as solid as his beloved vintage motorcycle and helps quiet the constant clamor in Stacey’s mind. She is a passionate, creative spirit—and a lifeline after Calvin’s soldier brother dies.

But lately the balance is off. Calvin’s grief is taking new forms. Voices of self-loathing are dominating Stacey’s life. When struggles with body image threaten her health, Calvin can’t bear to lose another person that he loves. Taking action may destroy their relationship, but the alternative could be much more costly.

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Running Strong

She only wants to hear him say, "I love you" before everything changes. It's not too much to ask, is it?

Flannery and Tyler have been friends for years, until she breaks the "friends only" code by falling in love. Suddenly their mutual interest in motocross bikes isn't bonding enough. While Flannery struggles to redefine herself for Tyler, he harbors dreams that could take him far from their quiet, small town in North Carolina to the spotlights of Nashville.


When Flannery's mother is diagnosed with cancer, everything else takes on more urgency. For the sake of staying true to themselves, both teens are compelled to make the choice between running away... or running strong.

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Finding Hero

Daniella Cooper just wants to audition for a lead role in her new school’s production of Much Ado About Nothing—not because she has something to prove, but because she wants to remember who she is. She doesn’t expect much competition from these small-town students in the Appalachian town of Quincy, North Carolina. She also doesn’t expect that performing alongside gorgeous Ethan Hardwick could get her into so much trouble.

Devon Jones just wants to play high school baseball and graduate next year, and get his life back on track after running with some of the wrong people. But when his cousin is arrested along with one of the Hardwick boys, and his Cherokee grandmother confesses that there’s blood on her hands, it seems his own family may be holding him back.

A severe storm washes out land on the Cooper farm to reveal human remains, and Devon and Daniella are thrust together, rather unwillingly, to discover details of a fifty-year-old murder case—details that could send loved ones to jail, as well as uncover the secrets to Devon’s heritage.

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Prequel to the Because...Mysteries Series

Olivia Henderson is a good girl who dreams of becoming a professional singer. There's just one problem? she has to fight through random panic attacks.

Noah Dickerson is a troubled boy with an artist's soul, from a dysfunctional family. The guilt he carries after events of an early summer party has him believing the negative labels his father dumps on him.

The two meet in an unlikely setting-a car show in a grocery store parking lot. From the onset it looks like their love is meant to be. But Olivia's cousin, Kenny, knows Noah's secret and is determined to tell everyone and rip Noah and Olivia apart.

Who is feeding Kenny information about Noah's past? And how will Olivia choose between loyalty to kin and her new boyfriend? Can their "Romeo and Juliet" love survive when the darkness and the light collide?

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Because... I'm supposed to be lying low and hiding out in another state.

Because... the girl of my dreams thinks I'm a stalker.

Because... trying to prove I'm innocent raises serious questions about a girl who died before I came to this place.

Because... it seems even my new friends can't be trusted.

I could walk away from the whole mess, because my father always said I was a loser.

I am not a loser.

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Because... I guess I haven't learned yet. Getting involved with other people's secrets hasn't ended well for me.

But... there's this girl. She's on the nerdy side of smokin' hot, and someone is targeting her in a way that sure looks like vengeance.

And... the prime suspect is practically daring me to figure out his game.

So... here I go again. Because playing Sherlock is easier than fixing the domestic dysfunction of my own life.

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Because... they hurt my best friend. They were after me.

However... the police say there's no evidence of a crime. No bullet wounds. No shell casings. No witnesses to a drive-by shooting.

So why is my friend so scared? Why does someone want him to keep his mouth shut? Why is he begging me to let it go?

I can't. Because... it gets real serious when it gets this personal.